Since 1980, WORD MASTER has helped large companies with their management and computer needs.

Large Companies

If you run the MIS Department of a large company, you can now take advantage of OMNIS, the most sophisticated Relational Database platform available for Macs and Windows PCs because :

  1. BulletWith OMNIS, it does not matter if you operate in a mixed platform environment. A single application binary is deployed across varied hardware and operating system platforms.

  2. BulletOMNIS allows access using SQL to Oracle, Sybase, RdB, DB2, Informix, SQLServer, etc., and also provides connectivity for Mac and Windows to DAL and ODBC.

  3. BulletOMNIS allows dynamic selection of different data sources.

  4. BulletOMNIS is a powerful local RDBMS that allows local caching of data, assuring lower network traffic and improved response time.

  5. BulletOMNIS is the most flexible way to deliver organization-wide distributed processing with a sophisticated graphical user interface for Client/Server applications.

Small-Medium Companies

WORD MASTER will assist you in transferring your spreadsheet based applications to the more flexible, sophisticated and useful Relational Database environment.

In small and medium sized companies, we find that our help is also requested in designing and installing Local Area Networks, the most important development in using personal computers in enhancing office productivity in the past decade.

Communications and connectivity are the key to today's efficient office and WORD MASTER will assist your organization in setting up your network and training your staff.

If you run a small or medium company and are faced with the most challenging aspects of running a business in this ultra-competitive market, you know that computerization is essential. WORD MASTER will help you :

  1. BulletStay ahead of the competition

  2. BulletKeep your computer system current with the latest available software

  3. BulletIf you don't have the time or skills to upgrade from OMNIS 3 or OMNIS 5 to OMNIS 7 or OMNIS Studio; it can be done for you at reasonable cost

  4. BulletKeep you personally involved with your computer system, even when you are so busy managing your company on a day-to-day basis

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